Adam Village

Adam Village is a Greek packaging and trading company concerned agricultural organic products from selected and certified crops of the Greek mainland and islands. The main objective of the company is the high packaging quality, combined with innovative promotional and trading methods, of selected and certified products within the Greek country and foreign markets.
Adam Village:
  • Selects and cooperates with producers whose products meet the highest standards (traditional varieties, certified production methods, harvest, drying and storage).
  • Cooperates with young designers, creating artistic and innovative packages with a unique identity.
  • Applies a complete concept that allows Greek food to be placed at the shelves of the most demanding stores. (Information regarding the certifications of the producers and the company, as well as historical and scientific reports on the nutritional value of each specific product, exist on the packages and the additional documents).
Herbs, the ancient Greek secrets of welfare

Adam Village started with the packaging and trade in Greek organic herbs in one line under the name "Adam village herbs''.

Greece is renowned for its unique bio-diversity and its rare varieties of herbs with aromatic and therapeutic qualities. This is due to the Mediterranean climate, the long periods of sunshine, its rich geomorphology, the traditional seed varieties, the pure cultures and the herbs' collection, which is done by hand. The Greek aromatic herbs have been used since ancient times as infusions as well as spices in cooking and confectionery.

We -the people who work and design for Adam village- have chosen to share these ancient secrets with you. Since they constitute nature's treasures, we have decided to store and offer them in unique packages on which there is information about the infusion's qualities and preparation methods in four languages. (Greek, English, German, Russian).


Adam Village cooperates with certified organic growers from Grevena, Thesprotia, Thessaloniki, Kozani, Samos.

The products are packaged in certified packing centres for organic products in Thessaloniki, where the company's head office is located.

Adam village has been certified by DIO Inspection and Certification Organisation of Organic Products for the correct application of the European Union Regulation 834/2007 (Certification code 21191130146) and has a certification for Food Hygiene and Safety Management Systems Compliance ISO 22000:2005.