Mountain Tea-Sideritis

The marvellous and delicious wild tea of the Greek mountains. Its properties have been known since antiquity, and there are references to it by the philosopher Theophrastus and the doctor Dioskourides. Some say that it was named sideritis (in Greek, “he who is [or has] the iron”) because it is a natural source of iron (Fe). It has a delicate flavour and a unique aroma. It may be enjoyed as a hot or cold drink, on its own or with a little honey, cinnamon or lemon.

Properties-Uses:  As a beverage it is recommended for use against colds and sore throats, because of its antipyretic and soothing properties. It also helps combat dyspepsia, gastro-intestinal ailments and high blood pressure. Recent scientific research has shown that it rejuvenates brain cells.

Preparation: Add a teaspoon of ironwort (sideritis) in boiled water and let it steep for 5 minutes to release the aromas. It may also be enjoyed cold with honey or lemon.

adam Tsai Vounou